5 Google Ads Alternatives in the USA

In the competitive digital marketplace, catching your audience's attention feels like trying to capture smoke with your bare hands. But what if there was a way to cut through the noise, to reach your audience directly and effectively? We are here to guide you through the labyrinth of online advertising, beyond the titan that is Google Ads, and into a realm of equally compelling alternatives. With that said, let's explore the top five Google Ads alternatives in the USA.

1. Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, holds the top spot. Despite Google's highest search engine market share, you can’t ignore search engines, like Bing, which stands at a respectable 1.1 billion users per month. An often overlooked fact is that Bing primarily powers Yahoo's search engine results.

While the lion's share of businesses direct their advertising efforts towards Google, Microsoft Advertising enjoys lower competition, leading to cost-per-clicks that are 33% less than Google Ads. This positions Microsoft Advertising as a preferred platform for those seeking cost-effective search ads.

With this ads platform, your ads will appear on sites on Bing and Yahoo, within the Microsoft partner network, and on all Microsoft devices. The platform also includes tools such as automated bidding, a keyword planner tool, and ad preview tool. Moreover, you get great targeting options that allow you to specify terms like geographical location, day, time, gender, age, and device. 

2. AdRoll

Stepping into the limelight as a formidable Google Ads alternative is AdRoll, a platform synonymous with retargeting prowess. AdRoll's reach is both broad and deep, spanning not only Google, but also Facebook, Instagram, and over 500 prominent networks and exchanges. This extensive coverage ensures your advertisements will make their mark in the most relevant digital territories.

Financially, AdRoll's track record is impressive, promising around 5x the expense, according to their official site. This is a clear signal that the platform can maximize your advertising investment, ensuring that every dollar spent works harder and smarter.

In addition to its retargeting capabilities, the platform offers a suite of complementary products, including prospecting, and AdRoll Video Ads. The prospecting tool enables programmatic display, helping you track down prospective customers across the digital landscape.

The email retargeting feature enhances your email marketing efforts by allowing you to engage individuals who have shown interest in your brand. Meanwhile, AdRoll Video Ads gives your brand a voice and a face, delivering your message in a dynamic and engaging format. Importantly, AdRoll Video Ads can be used for retargeting and prospecting campaigns. You can also place them as in-stream and out-stream ads. This flexibility ensures that your advertisements are not only seen but also heard, increasing the chances of conversion. 

3. Native Ads

Ever noticed those sponsored posts seamlessly embedded in your favorite news feed? Meet Native Ads, one of the best alternatives for Google Ads in the USA. Just as a chameleon adapts to the color of its surroundings, native ads conform to the editorial style of the site they are hosted on, thereby creating a less intrusive and more engaging user experience. This intuitive advertising format elegantly interweaves with the page content and has found its successful application across diverse domains such as e-commerce, SaaS, small businesses, affiliate marketing, and demand generation marketing.

Native advertising provides a myriad of targeting options that cater to an individual's location, browser, interests, and device preference. What makes it even more compelling is the retargeting capability, allowing advertisers to reconnect with their audience, fanning the flames of their interest.

Native ads are not just effective; they are also cost-efficient. With an average cost-per-click (CPC) of around $0.40 for desktop campaigns and around $0.60 for mobile phones, they offer untold value, particularly for businesses operating on a tight budget. 

4. Linkedin Ads

Linkedin is among the largest networks where professionals engage in networking and growing their social circle. Having over 930 million users, this platform holds professionals from companies, including B2B, SaaS, etc.

For this reason, LinkedIn ads have become one of the best Google Ads alternatives in the USA. Claims have been out there, showing that Linkedin has helped B2B businesses generate quality leads that are more likely to convert. But for this conversion, you have to run profitable campaigns at a CPC of around $5. This means that you will have to opt for a high customer lifetime value or LTV which is between $3,000 to $5,000.

This platform comes with comprehensive filters, allowing ad publishers to run ads depending on the job title, company name, and interests of the audience. You also have the retargeting feature, making Linkedin ads one of the best Google ads alternatives in the USA.

5. Quantcast

Making its mark as a Google Ads alternative that is big on data and audience insights, Quantcast carves out a new path for marketers, helping them reach undiscovered display audiences and thus driving more visits and revenue to their websites. Quantcast Measure empowers advertisers to craft targeted strategies and understand their audience behaviors, all while spying subtle insights into the audiences of their competitors.

Advertisers also get programmatic strategies with Quantcast, helping you with real-time retargeting advertising. This double-edged approach ensures that you can not only attract new customers but also re-engage those who have shown interest in the past.

An intriguing add-on to the Quantcast offering is the Quantcast Choice and Choice Premium. Although it is not an advertising platform, this helps brands that want to consent to GDPR.


So, there you have it, five Google Ads alternatives in the USA. This list is by no means exhaustive; however, it does offer an eclectic mix of options that can help marketers find solutions for their digital advertising needs. All you have to do is select the one that best suits your business goals.