How to check the reputation of an IP address

To check the reputation of the IP address from which emails are sent, you can use the following methods:

  1. Using Specialized Services:
    • SenderScore ( One of the most popular services for checking the reputation of an IP address.
    • MXToolbox ( A service providing a variety of tools for checking domains and IP addresses, including blacklists.
    • Spamhaus ( One of the most well-known blacklists. You can check if your IP address is listed on Spamhaus.
    • BarracudaCentral ( Provides information on whether an IP address is listed on their blacklists.
    • Talos Intelligence ( A service from Cisco for checking the reputation of IP addresses and domains.
  2. Checking Blacklists (RBL - Real-time Blackhole Lists):
    • MultiRBL ( A service for checking IP addresses against multiple blacklists simultaneously.
    • ( Another blacklist aggregator where you can check your IP address.
  3. Checking via Command Line:
    • nslookup Command: You can use the nslookup command to check IP addresses against certain blacklists. For example:

      nslookup -q=TXT

      Here, is the reversed IP address

  4. Internal Tools and Analytics of Email Services:
    • Some email services, such as Gmail and Yahoo, provide information about sender reputation in their bounce messages or through interfaces for managing email flows.
  5. Contacting Your Email Service Provider:
    • If you use the services of an email provider (e.g., SendGrid, MailChimp, Amazon SES), you can contact their support to learn more about the reputation of your IP address and get recommendations for improvement.

Checking the reputation of your IP address and domain using these tools and services will help you identify any issues with reputation and how to resolve them to improve the deliverability of your emails.